Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Medrano circus

Annabel's First ever circus! Animals always fascinated her. She loved to watch them in TV, in books. We had taken her to Limassol zoo several times, but the Tiger and Leopard there are difficult to spot as they are almost always dozing. The main intention was to see animals at the circus.

The Circus had 10 horses performing according to the masters instructions. This was quite amusing. Then there were Aligators, long heavy snakes! They also showed scorpions, huge rats and some other reptiles. There were jugglers., shooters, trapeze artists doing various stunts.

One of the most interesting was the motorist in the cage. It was amazing to see the 5 motorist inside a cage, driving at high speeds. There were also elephants, 5 camels, a kangaroo, 3 bulls, and 2 Giraffe! We also saw 2 fierce tigers and a Rhino, but they were not brought to the ring.
Annabel enjoyed every moment of the circus. She was clapping and keenly looking at what was going to happen next. We all thoroughly enjoyed being there.

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