Monday, June 29, 2009

Daddy's Project event- Protaras

We started off early Saturday morning from Limassol. It was a long drive to Protaras. Annabel was too excited to sleep in the car and all the way, daddy and I had to keep singing her favorite song "lakadi ke kathi, kathi pe ghoda" . There was lots of things to see and do there.. At the "Ocean Aquarium" there were fishes of all sorts. They even had some Penguins and parakeets. Annabel loved the pool.. She could not have enough of it.. floating, playing with her toys, pouring water over herself and daddy over and over again! In the evening, enjoyed the musical light fountains.. More photos in WebAlbum

On our way back we drove to see the Agianappa Sea caves.. It was truely a sight! Carvings made by the waves.

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