Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Onam!

Happy Onam Everyone.. This year, Annabels grandparents and her Mama were here with us to celebrate Onam. We prepared OnaSadya at home. On saturday, the same week, we got together with our keralites friends in Pune for a Ona sadya.. Children had a wonderful time.. they put together a pookalam and also sat together in traditional way to have dinner.

Ona sadya @ home

Ona sadya @ gettogether

Annabel posing with her friend wearing traditional dress.

Children having lunch together

Posing next to pookalam children made.


priya said...

Amma n molu luking cute in traditional costume:)

Anupama Puneeth said...

hmm...food looks yummy yummy !

Radhika said...

Miri looks very pretty...
loved the food serving style for kids, reminds of my childhood :)