Sunday, May 30, 2010

Promoted to Junior Kg.

Annabel is now in Junior KG. Here new academic year starts in June 1. She will have new teacher and new friends this year. Here are some snaps taken during her school hours last year.

Messy Hands.. She loved this activity a lot! She used to come home and do the same tooo.
Painting a diwali diya in Red.
Modelling air drying Clay.
Musical chair, which her teacher siad she enjoyed a ot

Sports day!! Look she is running with a big smile!
Traditional day. Dressed in Onam attire

Fancy dress competition. She was dressed like a Spanish girl..


Radhika said...

Wow she graduated already :)Congrats Miri...
kids look so engrossed in the activities... very nice to see that...

Anupama Puneeth said...

Congrats Miri. Time indeed is flying :-)
Wish you loads of fun and learning in the new year :)