Thursday, July 28, 2011

Annabels toys are now mine too

Here is Little Alicia playing with the play gym which was gifted to Annabel by some of our office friends back in 2007. Alicia loves to look at the mirror.


Annabel had a competition in her school where she was supposd to dress up like her favourite character. With such short notice, in middle of the week, it was impossible for her dad to go out to bring a costume. The easiest I could think of was Rapunzel :). She learnt few lines to tell about her favourite character too. It goes like this:

My favourite character is Rapunzel, because she has long lovely hair. The evil witch climed the tower with Rapunzels hair. One a day a prince saw her and they liked each other and they lived happily ever after. I like Rapunzel coz she is brave beautiful abd had lovely long hair."

Though not entirely, she managed to say the first few lines in front of the crowd.. A good start to her elocution skills :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Saturday Timepass.

Annabel trying out her bubble maker.

Alicia's 28th day

It was a big day when Alicia baby turned 28 days old. Traditionally, Baby's name is announced on this day. We tied a black thread around her hip and adorned her with some jewels :). Annabel wore a bangle for her.. And ofcourse she enjoyed the Moong dal kheer we made for the ocassion.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Starting to blog again.. With a good news!

Annabel has become a big sister to Alicia..

Arrival Statistics:

Date: 1st Jun 2011
Time: 9.55am
Weight: 3.2 Kg

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flower girl at my Mama's wedding

On Mama's wedding day Annabel was very happy to be flower girl. She was dressed in a light orange dress and had bright red and white roses in her flower basket. She was all smiles and stood happily with her Mama an Mami for many photos.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mama gets engaged

August was a busy month. Annabel's Mama was getting engaged to Julie on 21st August. Annabel got up early and got dressed in a pretty Purple dress.. We had got her some matching bangles and necklace to go with the dress. There were lot of ppl at home. She was busy running around playing with other little girls and friends. After the engagement reception, she went around collecting lots and lots of chocolates , which everyone offered her. She would not have eaten that many chocolates in a whole month!!
Posing with Binu Mama

At the reception stage

Our Family snap