Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Israel venture!

During the easter holidays, we flew to Israel to spend four days there.. Its amazing, that despite all the political problems in Israel, its very well developed and they have no inch of a land that has gone waste! Either its building, or vast agriculture lands or else its land with some forest vegetation! We stayed in Tel-Aviv, a city that never sleeps.. Even at odd hours in the night, u see people cycling and going around.

Day1- we went around Jerusalem, then crossed over to Palestine to see Bethlehem, then drove to Mount olives and to Dead Sea.

Day2- We visited Nazareth, where Jesus grew as a carpenter. Next stop was to Jordan River, where Jesus was Baptised by John the Baptist. We also had the St Peters Fish from a Fish Travern.
Day3- Our destination was Haifa- to the beautiful Bahai gardens, then the large sea caves. We also enjoyed a boat ride.. By then Annabel could not sit any longer in the car for long drives.. So we took her to a park near by where she played till she was tired!
Day4- Our trip was almost at the end. We went around Tel-Aviv, to the SaFari, Carmel Market and then off we drove to the Airport to catch the flight back to Cyprus .

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