Thursday, May 7, 2009

10 most frequent lies!

Every day, i tell my 2 year old many little lies to make her do things I want to... This might not be the best way but surely is the way to have less crying.. Here goes:

1) When she won't eat her food: "I will give u a big Chocolate after dinner"

2) When she won't take her bath: "We will give bath to the duckie together "

3) When she won't wear her dress: " Big mosquitoes are flying and it will bite you"
4) When she doesn't want to get ready in morning: "Lets go to park"

5) When she doesnot want to sleep : "I will tell you a new story today" (and i tell her the same old fairy tale :) )

6) When she wants to run down stairs: " There is a lion waiting outside.."

7) When she wants to eat only chocolates: " That is chee chee chocolate.. not good"
8) When she won't tidy up: " I will give all these toy to ur friend Irini"
9) When she hits somewhere and i try to console her " I will give this table a beating for having hit my lovely girl"
10) When she pleads she wants to go to park: "Tomorrow, dear "
These are just few.. But there are many in the list!


Radhika said...

:D :D so cute and true
anyways those are not lies, it's just what parents do ;)

Aditi Maganahalli said...

I will be careful when mom/dad will come up with same stories !

Thanks for letting me know its all a lie :P

Unknown said...

She looks very very cute :-))