Friday, May 22, 2009

NorthCyprus- A relaxing holiday

During Easter Holidays in 2008, we went to North Cyprus, which is under the Turkish rule. We needed a visa to go this part of the country, though it did not feel much different from the rest of Cyprus. We had a leisurely vacation with few site seeing and eating out at good restaurants.

The places we saw, were the ruins of Vouni palace. Situated on a mountain, it had a beautiful view. We also saw the Kyrenia fort. It was huge, a marvelous piece of architecture. The dungeons showcased some figures of how prisoners were tortured. The view of the Kyrenia Harbour was truly magnificent.

Among the Restaurants we visited, was a Fish meze restaurant on the way to Vouni Palace. We also went to a Chinese restaurant and an Indian restaurant there. They were good and comparatively cheaper than the restaurants out here. We spend most of our time in the River side Holiday village resort. There were flowers everywhere and also it had a nice pool.
It was a nice trip. A one time must go for all the Cyprus visitors!


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