Friday, January 29, 2010

Annabel turns 3!!

Time has been flying! And on Jan 16, 2010, it was time again to celebrate another good year that went by. Annabel wore a lovely pink dress, which her grandparents had gifted.. We cut cake at her school and then at home I made a small cake too. Her Mama(my brother) and Chachoo(Jacob’s brother) had flown all the way to Pune , to wish her on her new year! They decorated the house with ribbons and balloons . We all had a wonderful time. Here are some photos clicked on that day.

In her pink dress gifted by her Grandparents
Bursting the party poper at her School Bday party!Her Chachoo and mama decorated the house for her Birthday!

Mama giving her a birthday gift.. She was thrilled to receive the Remote car!! Thank you mama ..

Her Chachoo giving her a Casio Piano.. She loves to play on it.. Thank you Chachoo ..


Anupama Puneeth said...

Belated Birthday wishes to dear Miri.
Lots of kisses, hugs and blessings from all of us here :-)

Radhika said...

she seems so happy with her mama and chachu... that's the beauty of being in India right :)
Lot of blessings to Miri... she looks so poised in her dress :) maybe the fever effect? ;)