Friday, February 5, 2010

Last Christmas..

Christmas 2009, there were lots of events happening.. Here is how Annabel’s changed her approach to Santa everytime we met him Last Christmas..

On 17th Dec, Christmas Carol had come home.. and Annabel cried seeing Santa
On 19th Dec, Christmas at Amdocs, She waited for santa to come, but didnot want to go near him
On 23rd Dec, Christmas at School, she went smiling to Santa to receive her Christmas gift
On 23rd Evening, Christmas in Housing Society, She ran to santa for the toffee
On 24th evening, after Christmas mass at church In Indore, she was asking Mamma where is Santa?
After 25th She kept asking, when will Santa come again :)

We decorated a Christmas tree at home

Look! I got a teddy made from a balloon
Patiently waiting for her to finsih my face painting

I got Presents too , at the Amdocs christmas Carnival..I enjoyed the sparklers on the christmas day with my grandparents in Indore

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Anupama Puneeth said...

hey Ajitha, nice post and that a cute face painting :)