Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The weekend Escape- trip to Dandeli

On 5th March evening we decided to venture to Forest Reserve at Dandeli with group of people from work. Annabel was very excited about train journey. She kept saying " chook chook " for every train that passed by.. There were no other children on board our team, so she enjoyed every ones attention. It was an adventure trip with Water rafting, kayaking and Natural jacuzzi as items on the things to do there.. At the Stanley's Farm house resort , there was campfire arranged and tents for the night. The trip turned out much better than everyone expected and all had good things to say. Annabel too enjoyed and for the next 2 days after the return she kept saying she wanted to go back sitting on a train :)

At the Stanley Farmouse
The tents were cozzy
Kayaking on the still river

White water rafting for the adventerous

Natural Jacuzzi

On a mushroom boat

Tired and dozing off !


Anupama Puneeth said...

wow...that must have been great fun :)

Radhika said...

nice Ajitha... must have been a great outing...

Raksha Varma said...

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